It looks as though we’re in for a string of beautiful days here on the Outer Banks—temperatures are forecast to be in the low 80s with a light wind. That’s about as good a beach day as you’ll find.

The surfing has been a bit slow with waves in the one to two foot range and there doesn’t look like there’s much in the way of weather to change that for the next day or so.

The fishing however, especially in the sounds, has been good. Croaker, spot and some grey trout. We had a chance to talk to a kayaker who was out in Kitty Hawk Bay who caught and released a 26” red drum . . . at least that’s what he said, but he seemed pretty sincere about it.

The weather looks about the same for the rest of the week. A cool front looks like it will move through on Sunday and with some showers, but the rest of the forecast for the next few days after that calls for moderate temperatures, lots of sunshine and a light to moderate breeze.

Our Brindley Beach Vacations recommendation? Grab a good book, some sunscreen and a beach towel and enjoy your vacation.