Adam Turner conducting the Virginia Symphony Orchestra at Roanoke Island Festival Park.

There are times when everything comes together to create the perfect moment and the Virginia Symphony Orchestra outdoor performance on Saturday at Roanoke Island Festival Park, was one of those moments. Or perhaps, more like and hour and fifteen minutes.

The weather could not have been more perfect with a light breeze, bright sunshine, scattered clouds and temperatures in the mid 70s. The stage, framed by Roanoke Sound, was ideal for the day.

What was particularly nice were the selections for the day. Instead of obscure or more difficult pieces of music to interpret, the program focused on some well-known compositions—music that was tuneful and familiar in many cases.

Because the music was familiar—and wonderfully performed—all the audience had to do was relax, enjoy a marvelous day outdoors and let their minds wander wherever they chose to wander.

As the orchestra played , boats would pass behind the stage, moving slowly that close to shore, in a way that seemed almost in sync with the music.

Was there a favorite for the day? That’s a tough one, there were so many wonderful selections.

The program began with Mozart’s Overture to the Marriage of Figaro—it seemed to match the mood of the day very well, and it was a great way to begin things.

However as a favorite—probably the selections from Porgy and Bess or Leonard Bernstein’s Overture to West Side Story.

The program wrapped up the season for the Outer Banks Forum for the Lively Arts. The 2018-19 season has not been finalized yet, but a brief preview sounded exciting.