One of the virtual costumes featured in OBX Entertainment's virtual Halloween Parade.

One of the virtual costumes featured in OBX Entertainment’s virtual Halloween Parade.

Halloween on the Outer Banks was not your normal Halloween this year as though it could be anywhere.

Nonetheless we still managed to have some fun and let kids be kids.

Matt Artz with his OBX Entertainment sponsors an annual Halloween parade. He sponsored one again this year, but had to make some adjustments. Instead of the usual outdoor march around town, he held a Virtual Halloween Parade.

There were some scary kids in that.

Kids still did get out and have a chance to gather some candy. Not as many as usual, but  that was expected this year.

What many of our neighbors did was set up elaborate haunted trails leading to the candy.

A few people did sit outside—trying to keep some social distancing.

For a lot of kids, Halloween is a special treat, and it was wonderful that the Outer Banks community did all it could to let the them know they’re important.

End of Tropical Storm Season

Things have slowed down just a little bit as the weather cools and the days get shorter. The tail end of Hurricane Zeta passed us by yesterday. Kicked up some pretty good winds but that was about it.

The storm was moving so fast out to sea that it didn’t really have any time to dump rain or hit us with an extended period of wind. What was left of the center was also to the north of us.

It’s been a difficult year for tropical storms. Here on the Outer Banks, other than some waves—which the surfers loved—there hasn’t been much effect. There’s still a month to go in the official season, but there doesn’t look to be anything forming in the Atlantic Ocean. There is Tropical Storm Eta south of Puerto Rico, but that’s headed to the Yucatan Peninsula. Still that may be a record setting event. We’l have to check.

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