Eddie Greene at a celebration of his life four years ago.

Eddie Greene at a celebration of his life four years ago.

Lost in all the hoopla of reopening the Outer Banks and welcoming our friends back, was an event we should not have overlooked.

Two weeks ago Eddie Greene turned 95.

For those of us who have lived here for a while, or all their lives, or anyone who has been coming to the Outer Banks for some time, it’s hard to separate the best that the Outer Banks has to offer from this remarkable man.

Most people know about Eddie Greene from the Christmas Shop in Manteo. He opened the store in 1967 with little more that a belief that such a unique idea would, in fact, thrive on the Outer Banks.

He doesn’t own it any more. Sometime around age 90 or 91 he decided enough was enough and he sold the business.

What Eddie Greene Has Meant to the Outer Banks

The impact he has had on the Outer Banks extends far beyond the Christmas Shop.

He first came to the Outer Banks in the early 1950s as a dancer with the Lost Colony and he fell in love with the area.

From that love has come a life remarkable in its generosity and kindness. Along with author David Stick and actor Andy Griffith, he was one of the founding members of the Outer Banks Community Foundation. That’s the local nonprofit that has found a way top rush grants to local food banks to help feed with a surge in need. The OBCF was also the organization that provided grants to insure all Dare County students would be able to continue online learning even as COVID-19 forced schools to go to online learning.

But what all of his accomplishments can’t truly describe is what a kind, generous person Eddie Greene is.

So—Happy slightly belated 95th Birthday Eddie Greene from Brindley Beach Vacations. Thank you for all that you have done for the Outer Banks.