Christmas wreath on Whalehead Club door.
It’s doubtful if Hurricane Sandy will be forgotten any time soon on the Outer Banks, but life does have a tendency to return to normal after a time. Of course there’s still some cleanup to do, it’s still tough getting down to Hatteras–either a long wait to get on a ferry or 4WD excursion along the beach. The 4WD option, though, keeps getting closed because of ocean overwash.
The Beach Road in Kitty Hawk is mostly open, although sand is still piled high along the shoulders, there’s still a lot of sand on the road and there is a 200 yard stretch that is being rebuilt. NCDOT says that will be open by the end of the month.
All the businesses along the Beach Road have reopened, though. The flooded areas in Kitty Hawk bordering the Bypass have already been repaired and are operating again, so all in all, life is pretty much back to normal.
And it’s a good thing, too, because Thanksgiving is coming up and that whole week is a small slice of almost summer life at the tail end of fall.
It’s very much a family time–which is a theme we keep returning to in this blog. The Outer Banks has marketed itself and prides itself on being a family destination, and the holidays are no exception.
Santa Claus will be everywhere. Lord only knows how the fat, jolly old elf manages to be so many places at once and for so many days, but take it as a matter of faith that any place there is shopping, there will be a line of expectant children and antsy parents.
For area retailers, the Christmas shopping season–starting of course with Thanksgiving–represents the last chance to get some cash in the door before the doldrums of the winter . . . and product is priced accordingly. 
The Whalehead Club up in Corolla has announced their annual holiday sale starting next week. It’s a great place to shop, if you’re in the area. There is a wonderful feeling of a traditional Christmas with 1920s era holiday decorations and the Village of Corolla itself, with its preserved early 1900s architecture adds toe the ambiance.
There are tree lightings and illuminations throughout the holiday season. 
The Whalehead Club will hold theirs at 5p.m. on the December 7 (that’s a Friday). The town of Duck will hold their The Second Annual Yuletide Celebration on November 30 and December 1. Yes, it’s all very much about generating sales for the town’s businesses, but it does have a wonderful traditional feel to it. And Santa does show up riding in a fire truck.
Farther south, down in Nags Head, Kitty Hawk Kites sponsors Kites with Lights on Saturday, November 24. That’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Huge kites with lights attached flying in the evening above Jockeys Ridge. It’s very different, very pretty and very cold. Dress appropriately.
One of the most spectacular illuminations is clear down in Manteo at the Elizabethan Gardens. The Grand illumination is on Saturday, December 1, and then is open Tuesday through Saturday evening through the New Year. Click here to learn more about our Holiday Rentals in Outer Banks!