Santa Claus at Kitty Hawk Kites in Nags Head.

It must be the holiday season because Santa is popping up everywhere, the Outer Banks roads are jammed with traffic and all of our stores seem to be in super Black Friday mode.

In many ways it’s much like the rest of the country when it comes to Thanksgiving weekend—crowded stores, children impatient to have a few words with Santa and parents angling for that perfect picture of their child on Santa’s lap.

There are some differences though. After this weekend, things really slow down. Thanksgiving with its tradition as a gathering of family has become an owner’s week when many of our rental properties are filled with the families that own the homes celebrating all they have to be thankful for in one of the most magnificent settings anywhere.

The retail store discounts are a little bit deeper here as well. Hopefully no business secrets are being spilled with this knowledge, but Thanksgiving and maybe the week before Christmas are really the last gasps before Easter visitors show up again in the spring. It’s not that no one is coming to the Outer Banks is the winter, it’s just that not nearly as many visitors are here.

It’s also a time for residents to once again spend some time with neighbors and friends. Yes, life is a bit slower this time of year, but when the summer comes we’ll be ready. Click here to learn more about our Holiday Rentals in Outer Banks!