Dolphins photographed by the Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research after Hurricane Dorian.

Dolphins photographed by the Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research after Hurricane Dorian.

One of the most amazing things about mother nature is how resilient she is. Two of the most iconic animals of the Outer Banks appear to have come thought Hurricane Dorian just fine.

The Corolla Wild Horses have been dealing with hurricanes for at least 500 years and over that time they’ve pretty much figured out what to do. The herd goes to high ground—there is some on the Outer Banks—in the wooded areas. They find some good sturdy live oak, turn their butts to the wind and ride the storm out.

As far as can be told, it doesn’t appear as though the horses are any worse for the wear.

The Outer Banks has a surprisingly large dolphin population. The Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research has been chronicling that population for about 10 years. Using photography to compare the fins of the population, they have been able to track individual dolphins.

They went out in the Roanoke Sound with cameras in hand. According to what they are reporting, some 50 dolphin were sighted, including some familiar ones the the Center has been tracking for years.

Dolphins, of course, have been dealing with tropical systems for thousands of years. Certainly before the first human came to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the Americas.

Still it’s nice to know the dolphins are healthy and thriving and seemed to weather Hurricane Dorian well.

For the humans, on the northern Outer Banks we’re back to normal. Everything is open and there are no restrictions on visitors. Hatteras Island still has some restrictions. Hopefully those will be lifted later this week, although there is considerately work to do to get it back to normal.

Ocracoke will probably take even longer, They suffered some of the worse storm surge ever experienced in the village.

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