Wednesday won’t be a day for novice surfers and definitely not a day to go swimming, but Outer Banks surf conditions are looking great for surfers with some experience under their belt.

Although Hurricane Cristobal is passing well out to sea, the effects will create some of the best surf conditions of the year. The steady NNE winds of the past few days are forecast to moderate and turn onshore, seas are building, and surfers can expect chest high to overhead waves with even shore breaks tomorrow evening into Thursday morning. Conditions should ease a little bit after that, but even so into Friday, the wave action should remain rideable.

The passage of Cristobal is a scenario that surfers look for on the Outer Banks—a tropical system well out to sea, its passage creating waves that are etched in the memory of anyone lucky enough to be on a board as it passes.

The red flags will definitely be up tomorrow, though. Five and six foot waves are great if you’re on a surf board, not so good for the human body though.