Khan's Mongolian Grill in Kill Devil Hills has finally opened.

Khan’s Mongolian Grill in Kill Devil Hills has finally opened.

Dinner and dessert. A strong case could be made that is what life is all about, so when a bakery and a restaurant open within a month of one another, well that thought just has to come to mind.

It’s a tribute to what’s happening on the Outer Banks that both businesses opened after the summer season. Some of that is probably that they just could not get opened earlier. But it’s also good to know, looking at the early reviews and the lines at the doors, that even in the shoulder season, good food leads to success.

Here are the two newest places to get dinner and dessert.

Khan’s Mongolian Grill

101 E Atlantic Street (Corner of the Bypass and Atlantic), Kill Devil Hills


It seems like it took forever for the building to be completed, but the early reviews seem to say the wait was worth it.

Khan’s brings an interesting sort of do-it-yourself concept to dining. You pick out the ingredients for your bowl. You select the spices to be used. Then the food is prepared.

The selections clearly go toward Orineual foods, with a nod toward Mongolian cuisine. Mongolian dishes tend to be a little heavier with different spices than the traditional southern Chinese Cantonese and Szechuan dishes most of us are familiar with.

Khan’s is owned by the same people the operate Fuji Steakhouse.

Chocolate Chip cookies at Crumbl. The only cookie that is a constant.

Chocolate Chip cookies at Crumbl. The only cookie that is a constant.

Crumbl Cookies

5385 N Virginia Dare Trail, Southern Shores

(252) 573-3366

Wow! Are the Crumbl cookies good or what!

Fresh baked and kept warm in a special warmer, the cookies that Crumbl turns out are so good it’s almost like they were baked at home.

These are big, thick cake like cookies, and honestly, we have yet to finish an entire one on our own.

The selections change weekly with chocolate chip cookie being the only constant. On what has been sampled so far, it’s difficult to choose a favorite, although the peanut butter cookie with Reeses Pieces sprinkled on top was awfully good. But then so was the chocolate chocolate cookies. As was the pumpkin spice cookie.

Wonderful…simply wonderful.

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