Kiteboarder Carl tows a jet ski to safety.

Kiteboarder Carl tows a jet ski to safety.

In what may be one of the strangest water rescues on record, a kiteboarder rescued a jet ski.

We’ve seen the video and as nearly as we can tell Davina and Danny took their jet ski out last week for a trip to the marsh islands around Rodanthe.

As they discovered, fall is when the marsh grass comes into full growth. They got about a mile from shore, were cruising by an island when the inevitable happened. Marsh grass got sucked into the impellers and the engine died.

The couple tried calling for help, but there was no one who could come out and tow their craft in.

As they had been cruising out, Davina and Danny had been pacing a kiteboarder, and luckily for them as he cruised by, he noticed the jet ski was beached and the couple wasn’t going anywhere.

Kiteboarder to the Rescue

A quick conversation and Carl—our kiteboarder—figured he could tow them in.

Which he did. There’s video of the whole episode. The quality is not all that good and there’s some inappropriate language in it…although an argument could be made that the language was appropriate for the circumstances.

It does make for interesting watching though. Carl is clearly an experienced kiteboarder,   but towing 850 pounds through the water, plus the weight of Danny and Davina took his skill level to the limit.

For the most part, Carl stays in the water. Every once in a while though, a good burst of wind comes along and tow line or not, he’s in the air.

He did get them in. The couple begin their video thanking Carl and God for their rescue.

We happen to know Carl. Married to an Outer Banks resident. He does have a job in Virginia so he splits his time between job and the Outer Banks. Good thing he was on the water last week.

Things are looking fantastic  for the next couple of weeks the  Outer Banks. Stop by for a visit with Brindley Beach Vacations.