A trail in Kitty Hawk Woods. Perfect for an easy hike or mountain bike ride.

A trail in Kitty Hawk Woods. Perfect for an easy hike or mountain bike ride.

Now that summer is officially here, the number one activity on the Outer banks is digging toes into the sand, lying back on a towel on the beach and cooling off with a quick dip in the Atlantic Ocean.  There are exceptions of course, but that’s why most of our visitors are here.

At some point, though, some people may want to take a break from the beach and for the adventurous, we have a suggestion.

Kitty Hawk Woods.

What Is Kitty Hawk Woods

Kitty Hawk Woods is an 1824 acre nature preserve in the heart of Kitty Hawk. It is a beautiful, remarkably diverse forest that begs to be explored.

There are a number of well-marked trails throughout the preserve. Although there are ridges featuring hardwood trees and marsh, wetland and swamp environments, the trails are easily navigated. Footwear requirements are somewhere between hiking shoes and flip flops.

Hiking boots are way too heavy and flip flops…well, a little protection goes a long way. A good pair of sandals will work well.

A nice feature of Kitty Hawk Woods is that bikes are allowed on the trails. That is not the case in most of the other Outer Banks protected maritime forests.

If you are going to ride a bike on the trails, Beach cruisers and skinny tired bikes will not work on these trails. It is a moderately challenging ride and expect a couple of carries over downed logs.

For bicyclists looking for a something a bit different, this is highly recommended.

Take a camera. Woodpeckers are common visitors. Also, keep an eye out for turtles, The big ones with the dark green shell are snapping turtles. Do not put your finger anywhere near their head. The turtle with the multi-colored shell is probably a box turtle. They’re shy and slow moving.

Box turtle spotted on Kitty Hawk Woods trail.

Box turtle spotted on Kitty Hawk Woods trail.

Expect lots of frogs in the lowland areas as well.

There are a number of trailheads available. The best bet is to download a trail map or stop by the office on Kitty Hawk Road in Kitty Hawk and get a map.

Go have some fun. And definitely put some bug repellant on.

There is so much to do on the Outer Banks in the summer that we can’t list it all. Explore the real Outer Banks and stay in one of our Brindley Beach vacation rentals. Have a relaxing vacation on the Outer Banks and enjoy various recreational moments with your loved ones!