The contestants at the Last Dance Womanless Beauty Contest at Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern, Dr. Gunther (center stage) has just learned he is Miss Womanless Beauty 2017.

When it’s time to call it quits, it’s important to go out at the top of your game, and wow(!) did the Last Dance Womanless Beauty Pageant ever hit it out of the part on Saturday night.

Sponsored by Brindley Beach Vacations, our Pageant may have been the last major event at Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern, with the planned closing of the storied restaurant and entertainment center scheduled for the end of this month.

But if you’re going to go out, this is the way to do it. An evening filled with laughter, goodwill and the joy of living on the Outer Banks.

Were the contestants attractive? Physically…no—although dentist Dr. Gunther Heyder did manage to pull off his outfit very well. But if attractiveness is rated by generosity of spirit and the desire to make a community a better place…then these beauties would rival any beauty contest anywhere.

The object is to raise as much money for each contestant’s charity as they can. Through ticket sales, soliciting money in meet and greet with the crowd and individual talent (?) performance on stage, each of the beauties is evaluated.

Final figures aren’t in yet, but it looks as though continuing the success of the Heyder dental clan, Gunter Heyder took home the crown. At least he, or is that she, was crowned on Saturday evening. Dr. Heyder was raising funds for ARTS Dental Outreach (A Reason to Smile), a dental organization that volunteers in third world nations.

There probably will not be another Womanless Beauty Pageant—at least not in the foreseeable future—which is why this was the Las Dance Womanless Beauty Pageant. But this one might have been the best…and that’s the way to go out.