It looks as though the Last Dance Womanless Beauty Pageant at Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern this Saturday really will be the last dance. 

As we mentioned and has been widely reported, Mike Kelly will be closing his namesake restaurant at the end of this month, so it looks as though our Last Dance really will be the last dance.

Kind of sad in a way—Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern has meant a lot to the Outer Banks in so many ways, and it’s not as though Mike is closing down all his operations. His catering service will still be around as well as Mako Mike’s in Kill Devil Hills and Pamlico Jack’s in Nags Head. 

Still, it’s a bit that the lot has been sold and the restaurant will close.

But at least we’re going out with a BANG!

For anyone who has never been to one of our Womanless Beauty Contests…well, let’s just say it’s an experience like no other. And—it’s all for a good cause, or causes in this case, since the beauty of the contestants is based on the amount of tickets they can sell and everything the contestants generate goes directly to the charity of their choosing.

Nonetheless, there should be at least a mention of what our contestants will look like. 

Put succinctly, nothing anyone could ever imagine.

Past experience has taught us that no amount of makeup, no matter what fancy clothes or high-heeled shoes they may be wearing, our contestants attempts to be in touch with their feminine side underscores the classic line, “Vive le difference.”

However, it’s a great time, lots of laughs and as mentioned—for some very good causes.