Fun in the surf on the last day of the WRV Outer Banks Pro.

The pros came to town over Labor Day Weekend and they gave a pretty convincing demonstration of the difference between the amateurs and the experts when it comes to surfing. 

There were great conditions this year for the WRV Outer Banks Pro at Jennette’s Pier and competitors took advantage of it with some spectacular rides and great scores. In the end Brazilian Gabriel Farias took top prize, holding off a surging Steve Pittman in the final round.

Except for some wind and rain on Saturday, it was a great weekend for surfing or just enjoying the beach. The WRV Pro wrapped up on Sunday with more lighthearted approach to surfing, with competitions featuring husband and wife teams, random races on the beach and an attempt to use an inflatable SUP as a surfboard for three…they weren’t very successful.

The waves were about chest high on Sunday, with a nice even break at Jennette’s Pier, although as the tide turned things got a bit sloppier.

That inflatable SUP, though, just wasn’t rigid enough to catch and hold a wave, and the trio riding it spent a lot of time in the water.

Monday—Labor Day—is looking spectacular. Pleasant ocean temperatures, daytime highs in the mid 80s with a light southern breeze. A truly spectacular way to end a marvelous summer.