Coming January 25 to Jack Brown's in Kill Devil Hills, a Grateful Dead tribute band.

Coming January 25 to Jack Brown’s in Kill Devil Hills, a Grateful Dead tribute band.

Live music? Entertainment? Things to do late night on the Outer Banks? It’s not the summer, but we’re not dead yet.

Admittedly most of the live music is happening on Saturday nights. Of course—that’s when the most people are here to take in a show. But even so, there are some choices that can be made.

Jack Brown’s on the Beach Road in Kill Devil Hills just opened this past year, but immediately made an impact bringing in some great groups to play in their outdoor yard. It’s doubtful if, in January, the shows will be outdoors, but they do have a good sense of what the public wants.

A huge beer selection and a fun atmosphere.

The Brewing Station, also in Kill Devil Hills has really established itself as the premier place to catch some live entertainment on the Outer Banks.

Coming up next Saturday, January 11, local band The Ramble will be taking the stage. Don’t count them out just because they’re a local band. Very talented musicians with some great material.

It doesn’t happen until the end of the month, but Manteo gets in the act as well. Poor Richards is sort of a throw back to your college days. Remember? Packed into a small bar, barely enough room to get the mug to your lips. But, oh, what a great time.

Starting Friday, January 24 with Steve Hauser, they’ve got some great shows lined up.

We know we’ve missed a couple of shows. Take some time to investigate…there’s a lot more.

Live entertainment is just one part of what makes winter so great on the Outer Banks. Plan your offseason visit with Brindley Beach Vacations.

Live Music Schedule

Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint, Kill Devil Hills

January 11

80s Dance Party

January 18

Trick Fly Band

January 25

Grateful Jed

Outer Banks Brewing Station, Kill Devil Hills

January 11

The Ramble

January 18

The Life Hacks

January 25

SoPoz Live

Poor Richard’s, Manteo

January 24

Steve Hauser

January 25

Bryan Campbell

January 31

Natalie Wolfe