Mojo Collins and Triple Vision in concert.

Mojo Collins and Triple Vision in concert.

We keep writing about how the Outer Banks is getting back to normal, and some of the latest evidence is seeing that live music is once again making an appearance.

It’s no where near where things were before COVID forced everything to shut down, but there is no doubt that our local musicians are beginning to work again and entertainment calendars are showing live shows.

Jack Brown’s in Kill Devil Hills has led the way with live music. They are better positioned than most to do so. Their large outdoor backyard allows people plenty of room to spread out.

Local bluesman Mojo Collins with his band Triple Vision was tearing it up on Wednesday night. Mojo earned his chops in San Francisco in the late 1960s and he has never slowed down.

Jack Brown’s has a couple more shows lined up. They’re one place to keep an eye on.

His knowledge and understanding of the blues is amazing and his style is clean and digs right into the heart of what the blues is all about.

The Brewing Station, also in KDH, has that huge backyard at the base of the wind turbine, so we should start seeing some live music there as well. Their calendar does have some shows lined up for the end of May. The June calendar seems to be filling up for them as well.

Up in Duck, there a two restaurants with outdoor venues. The Roadside and Tap Shack have plenty of room for live entertainment in their backyards.

The Roadside has a pretty fully calendar. Tap Shack, not yet, but it may be that they simply haven’t posted upcoming shows yet.

We do want to mention that, like much of the country, the Outer Banks is facing a labor shortage. In our case, especially, housing for seasonal workers is critically short. Some things may take a little longer than usual. Please be patient and know that we’re doing everything we can to make things better.

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