Local musician Steve Hauser performing at Rundown Cafe on Friday Evening.

Local musician Steve Hauser performing at Rundown Cafe on Friday Evening.

Live music has returned to the Outer Banks. It’s not at as many places as it has been in the past and there are some changes in how it’s being done, but local musicians are getting a chance to play in public.

We’ve been watching this for a while to see how local bars and restaurants are going to handle this, and there’s still some aspects of giving live music a go that hasn’t been settled yet.

But this past week a number of places had musicians playing.

The problem is restaurants are limited to 50% of capacity and bars are still not permitted to be open.

For indoor venues like the Outer Banks Brewing Station in KDH or Poor Richards in Manteo, that’s a challenge. And probably can’t be done. Although with their open backyard, they may try something later in the summer.

Live Music at Outdoor Venues

But for outdoor venues, like the Rundown Cafe in Kitty Hawk, it seems it can be done.

Seating is limited because there are social distancing guidelines that must be followed, but Rundown is trying it on their deck.

It’s not just Rundown, though. Tap Shack in Duck, with its relatively large outdoor area is scheduling some live acts.

Jack Brown’s in KDH is also starting schedule some live music.

It’s all still somewhat tentative, and we’re still waiting see how it all plays out. It would be nice though to once again be able to sit outside on a pleasant summer evening, sip a beer and listen to some local sounds.

It is one more sign that even during a very difficult time, the Outer Banks is working to make life just a little better.

Remember though, that things really aren’t quite back to normal. Social distancing and face coverings are a good idea.

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