Mojo Collins and Triple Vision headlines a weekend when live music returned to the Outer Banks.

Mojo Collins and Triple Vision headlines a weekend when live music returned to the Outer Banks.

Live music has returned to the Outer Banks. It was one of those things that social distancing had made pretty difficult, but people wanted it and businesses figured out how to get it done.

It’s going to be a while before there’s live music indoors on the Outer Banks. We’re just going to have to accept that. With restaurants limited to 50% of capacity and bars closed, there’s no room and with the number of patrons allowed in reduced, it just doesn’t make sense indoors.

But outdoors, that’s another story. And there are quite a number of venues that are featuring live music now.

This weekend we checked out a couple of places. Not many because there’s only so many we can get to in a limited amount of time, but enough that there is no doubt that live music is alive and well on the Outer Banks.

A Quick Live Music Tour

A real treat was checking out Ruth Wyand at Jack Brown’s in Kill Devil Hills.

Jack Brown’s didn’t have to do much at all to make sure their backyard was ready for live music in this new way of doing things. About the only thing they’re doing differently is they are counting patrons so they don’t exceed how many they can have at the tables.  They’re picnic tables outside and they’ve always been pretty spread out so not much of an adjustment at all.

It was the perfect place to see Ruth. She’s a powerful performer with a big voice and a guitar style that is a blend of blues and jazz.

From there drove up the Beach Road to catch Steve Hauser at Ocean Boulevard in Kitty Hawk. Certainly some changes there with seating spaced farther apart than it used to be.

What’s nice is they have managed to keep the relaxed beach feel that has always  been a part of the patio music. And Steve, with his mellow voice and classic song list was great.

Back into the car and up to the Tap Shack in Duck to catch Mojo Collins and Triple Vision.

Mojo is one of our all time favorite musicians. A true blues master who has been playing professionally for more than 50 years.

Even better, the folks at the Tap Shack outdid themselves to create an outdoor venue. Covered by a gigantic tent, with tables spread appropriately but plenty of seating, it may have been the best place we found to check out some live music.

Oh…and Mojo, after a hiatus because of COVID-19, was absolutely on fire.

The Outer Bank is open and hoping you’ll stop by. Check out our Brindley Beach Vacations listings and find your perfect vacation getaway.