Poster for Mojo Collins and Friends

Local musicians on the Outer Banks are among the best anywhere. An Evening with Mojo Collins at the indoor theater at Roanoke Island Festival Park in Manteo will prove that point.

As is the case anywhere, some are better than others. But for the most part they are very good, some excellent and when you get to the very top tier of the local musicians, they’re world class.

Coming up March 14 there is a great opportunity to check out two of the very finest the Outer Banks has to offer.

And, look for Ruth Wyand and her tribe of One joining Mojo and Triple Vision.

Sharing the stage with Ruth and Mojo will be Jon Shain.

Shain who lives in Durham—almost a local musician—was one of the 2019 International Blues Champion finalists. He should fit right in for the evening.

Who are the Local Musicians

Ruth Wyand’s guitar work has to be seen to be really appreciated. She can shift effortlessly between blues and jazz, and her style is a finger picking style that is a cross between the two. Paired with her rich bluesy voice, it makes for a great musical experience.

Locally she’s the musical director of the Mustang Program that works with young musicians to hone their performance skills.

On the international scene though, she is Martin Guitar sends her as an emissary for their product to New Zealand every other year. She has also performed for our troops in the Middle East.

Mojo Collins is one of the finest rock and blues musicians you’ll ever hear.

His roots go all the way back to the summer of love in San Francisco, and for four or five years he toured with some of the biggest names in the industry at the time—Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane and others.

He was on the cusp of going truly big time with Sawbuck, when the lead guitar, Ronnie Montrose, left to join Van Morrison.

Sunday, March 14 is going to be an amazing evening of music. The venue is ideal for the show and the musicians are outstanding.

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