Roanoke Sound pushing water over the Causeway in Nags Head.

It has not been a pleasant day on the Outer Banks. There’s just no other way to say it…unless, of course, there’s a preference for high winds, 10-12’ seas, ocean overwash and soundside flooding. 

Of course it could be worse—which it is from New Jersey to Maine.

It’s a little late in the season for a nor’easter, but certainly not unheard of, and this particular one seems to be taking all of that stored energy from those beautiful February days we had and applying it to being big and powerful.

Here on the Outer Banks, it will be pretty much history by tomorrow evening. They’ll be some high water marks on the soundside and we’re still waiting to see how Manteo comes through this. The winds we’re experiencing right now are just about perfect for pushing water into the downtown, so we’ll see how it looks after tomorrow. 

Hatteras Island reported significant flooding, but we’re north of the S Curves at Rodanthe, and we know the ocean has overwashed that stretch of road—so we’ll have to wait a bit to learn more.

On the positive front, it looks as though the nourished beaches are performing as advertised and maybe even a little better, although we’ll have to wait until after everything passes to be sure.

All of this may seem like a litany of mini-disasters, but we’re been through all of it before and it’s a very small price to pay to live in a place as remarkable as the Outer Banks.