Angry surf. Strong northwest wind blows the crest off 6' waves.

We seem to be paying the price for an early spring in February. Admittedly the Outer Banks isn’t buried under 20” of snow, but if there is such a thing for nostalgia after just two weeks, we’re probably experiencing it now.

Daytime temperatures never did quite get out of the 30s today and it looks as though we’ll be below freezing tonight. And that’s with a good strong wind from the northwest to make it feel just a bit colder.

By the calendar February is only two weeks ago. But the way we think about the weather…it’a distant memory that calls to us.

Luckily things are going to be improving. It’s doubtful that we’ll be seeing any 70 degree days between now and the end of March, but the temperatures are certainly rising and the wind is calming down a bit.

We don’t have a full forecast yet for Taste of the Beach long weekend—March 23-26—but early indications are it won’t be bad at all.

Taste of the Beach isn’t like any of the various “Tastes of…” in cities. The Outer Banks version is as much a journey of the northern Outer Banks as it is a culinary tour of the best chefs and restaurants.

Three events in particular worth checking out—the Wings and BBQ Cook-off on Friday,  the Chowder Cook-off on Saturday and the Grand Tasting on Sunday.