Marcus King of the Marcus King Band performs on guitar at the Spring Mustang Jam.

The 2018 Mustang Spring Jam was exerting that was promised and maybe a little bit more. 

Great weather and the largest crowd yet for the spring Mustang Music event, crated perfect conditions for something special for the Corolla festival of music.

And this year’s event was something special.

The kids of the Mustang Music Outreach program are always great and this year was no exception. But when the main acts took to the stage, it was really something.

Kicking off with western NC group Porch 40, it was clear something special was happening. Featuring saxophone, electric fiddle, guitar, bass and drums, their should was unlike anything else but very interesting musically.

Local reggae group Sensi Trails was on tap next and over the past year and a half they have been together, the group has really improved

The headline of the day was the Marcus King Band and they were everything a headliner is supposed to be, but before they took the stage, Fireside Collective was gathered on the Mike Dianna Grill Room deck.

The group’s instruments are classic bluegrass, and their sound is kind of bluegrass…but this is bluegrass with attitude. Major attitude. Heart pounding rhythms merge with ways of thinking about bluegrass music that no one else seems to match.

As good as everyone else was, though, Marcus King Band stole the show. 

Listening to them there isa Southern Rock feeling, but that doesn’t begin to do justice to their sound. They 

They shift tempo and key in mid song; They take chances with music—the drum and guitar solo was amazing—the driving beat and scorching guitar playing isn’t something easily forgotten.

The should has a distinctly jazz/rock fusion sound—but the band will take things in a different direction in heartbeat. There are arrangements that feature King on guitar, playing slow hand blues.

And so it goes, making for a remarkable day of music.