The Looney Tunes with their message in a bottle.

The Looney Tunes with their message in a bottle.

It’s hard to imagine anything cooler than finding a message in a bottle on the beach, but that happened just a few weeks ago here on the Outer Banks.

According to newspaper accounts, the all girls fishing team Looney Tunes was getting some practice in even though there was an early season nor’easter—September—howling. The wind was hard from the northeast, the surf was pounding and there really wasn’t much chance of catching anything.

Kelly Bergenstock got tired of having her line wash back to her every time she made a cast and decided to take a walk along the Nags Head beach. She looked down and there was a bottle right next to her leg. And she could see there was a message in it.

The Looney Tunes went back to their car, opened the bottle and looked inside.

What they found was a heartfelt and beautiful letter from Camille Halley to her husband Scott Lovett McWhinney who had recently passed away. Scott’s ashes were in the bottle as well, which Kelly admitted was disconcerting.

Finding out who sent the Message in a Bottle

Written in 2018, Camille had cast the bottle into the sea off Cedar Island, Virginia near Assateague.

The Looney Tunes didn’t know that when the found the bottle, but they did have a name. With some detective work they discovered that Scott and Camille had been living in New Orleans when he passed away.

Some more detective work and the Looney Tunes were able to get in touch with Camille—woh commented that it was just like her husband to find a way to spend some time with three crazy women on the beach.

After gathering the information they could about Scott, the girls resealed the bottle, headed down to the Outer Banks Pier in South Nags Head and sent Scott and his message in a bottle on its way.

There’s always something washing up on Outer Banks beaches. Maybe not as exciting as a message in a bottle, but worth exploring. A visit with Brindley Beach Vacations is the perfect way to begin your Outer Banks journey of discovery.