People's Blues of Richmond performing at Mike Dianna's Grill Room, Corolla for the Midsummer Meltdown.

People’s Blues of Richmond performing at Mike Dianna’s Grill Room, Corolla for the Midsummer Meltdown.

The Midsummer Meltdown in Corolla may have been too well named this year. It’s been hot on the Outer Banks. Not just hot, but hot as blazes; energy-sapping, dehydration causing hot.

So calling the mini-musical festival in the middle of summer the Midsummer Meltdown may have described what the past few days were like, but it was also a great description of the music.

The Midsummer Meltdown Bands

People’s Blues of Richmond was the headliner and they never disappoint. Listening to them, there are moments where it’s hard to imagine that a trio featuring drums, guitar and bass can get so much sound.

It is not just the sounder volume of the music. It’s how complex the arrangements are. How they interact with one another creating a seamless piece of music.

They have been on the Outer Banks a number of times before, but what stood out this time is how diverse their sound has become. They have definitely contributed to the success of the Midsummer Meltdown in Corolla!

There’s no doubt that at heart they are a rock and blues band, but they aren’t afraid to take their music into new directions. There’s a ballad—although the intro to it is pure 1970s psychedelic music. There’s a touch of reggae and an amazing drum solo.

It all makes for a great evening of music, and a strong Brindley Beach Vacations recommendation that any time they are playing locally—go see them.

The opening band was C2 & the Brothers Reed, although they’re probably going to have to change their name. It seems they just lost their lead singer. The band decided though, that rather than try to create the same sound without the key vocals they would jam instead.

And oh my! Were they good. Although the four band members who are still the band have been playing together for some time, performing music as complex yet unformatted as well as they did speak volumes about how good they are.

Hopefully, they’ll be back.

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