Radar shows storms, rain and miserable weather

Radar shows storms, rain and miserable weather.

We’re having some really miserable weather here on the Outer Banks. Probably shouldn’t complain, because it’s just rain. But there sure is a lot of it.

Here’s what the National Weather Service has to say about the situation:

“Prolonged period of steady rainfall will occur tonight through Friday evening, with an additional 1.5 to 2 inches of rainfall expected. Saturated ground will result in efficient runoff and near creeks and streams, which are already running backfull. Additionally, numerous area mainstem rivers are already in flood stage and are forecasted to continue rising.”

The important phrase here is “flooding issues can be anticipated for low lying areas…” Since the entire Outer Banks is a low lying area, we may be slogging through some water before it’s all done.

A slight correction to the low lying statement—low lying except for Jockey’s Ridge and a few other dunes on the soundside.

It may not be all that bad, though, although areas around Kitty Hawk Bay typically rise in dramatic fashion. We do live on a sandbar, after all, and sand is very porous. There is a point where water starts coming back up to the surface, but hopefully we’re not there yet.

The NWS warning does talk about river and streams at flood stage. That’s a little bit concerning since all those rivers and stream drain into the Outer Banks sounds. Generally, though, the water finds its way to the Atlantic Ocean before flooding the shoreline.
Perhaps we shouldn’t be complaining too much about our miserable weather. In some places—Texas and ares where ice has coated everything—it’s gone beyond miserable and is downright dangerous.

The weekend is looking good though. A little bit chilly but the sun will be out.

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