One of the best things about living on the Outer Banks is how great the entertainment scene is—and it’s not just late night at various bars and clubs. With great weather and a beautiful setting, this area is perfect gathering for gathering great musicians, a good crowd and having a day of music in the sun.

Which brings up the subject of the Mustang Spring Jam coming up next Sunday, May 18.

Mike Dianna—owner of Mike Dianna’s Grill Room in Corolla—has been doing this for three years now and it looks like it keeps getting better and better. 

Last fall at the Mustang Music Festival, the fall equivalent of the Spring Jam, one group—The Ben Miller Band—blew everyone away. Think bluegrass on steroids with a hefty dose of jazz thrown in. Oh, and by the way, they’re doing it all with a washtub bass, electric spoons and a guitar. This is a band that has to be seen to be believed.

The Ben Miller Band is not the only group there. Big Daddy Love is coming back—they bill themselves as Appalachian Rock, but the operative word there is “rock”—which they do.

Local group Uber Lounge will be on hand, definitely toward the jazz end of the spectrum and a great sound and a lot of fun.

Maybe the best thing about all of this is tickets are only $15 and kids under 12 are free. And the proceeds benefit the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.