Art demo at Glenn Eure's Ghost Fleet Gallery during this year's Roll and Stroll.

Art demo at Glenn Eure’s Ghost Fleet Gallery during this year’s Roll and Stroll.

The evening was perfect for the Nags Head Roll and Stroll. It had rained earlier in the day in the town, so the air was dry for a July evening, the temperature warm, but not hot. And there was a breeze from the west that moved the air about nicely.

As Outer Banks events go, Roll and Stroll is not one of the biggest or best-attended things to do in Nags Head in July. But it is a small yet wonderful way to spend some time with family and explore Nags Head’s Gallery Row art district.

At one time there were three or four more art galleries than there are now in the district, but a visit to the art is still worthwhile.

Things to Do in Nags Head in July – Roll and Stroll Galleries

Along the Beach Road there’s SeaGreen Gallery which has one of the most eclectic collections of object and art to be found anywhere. Behind the store there’s a wonderful garden, filled with vegetable plants and a small fish pond with turtles swimming about.

Stopping by Jewelry by Gail, we had a wonderful mimosa. Gail Kowalski is a jewelry designer like no one else we’ve seen. Each of her pieces are one of a kind and have their own distinct look. The mimosa worked well there. It’s not really the kind of place kids would enjoy. However, it’s definitely one of the top things to do in Nags Head in July.

Glenn Eure’s Ghost Fleet Gallery is right across the street from Jewelry by Gail, and cookies and punch there was plenty for kids to sample.

Glenn passed away last fall, but his wife Pat is doing an amazing job of keeping the spirit of what the gallery was always about.

Pat and Glenn always believed that the gallery should be a gathering place for the community and a welcoming presence where art could be explored.

That was evident tonight with a belly dancer on hand and art demos for the public.

The Nags Head Roll and Stroll is always held the second Thursday of July. It’s not a huge event or one of the most important things to do in Nags Head in July, but it is pleasant. Learn more about the best tourist attractions in the area.

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