Jeff Schwartzenberg, new owner of OBX Frozen Yogurt.

About three years ago Southern Shores Crossing, at the southern tip of Southern Shores, began a resurgence. When it opened in 2006, it looked like it was going to be great example of an upper end shopping experience on the Outer Banks.

Things didn’t seem to go quite the way they were planned and three years ago over half the spaces were vacant.

Things have really changed Coastal Provisions has always been the anchor, but when Steamers moved into the restaurant space on the south end in 2016, it seemed to signal the shopping center was back

There have been number of improvements along the way. The decision was made to take out some of the trees that blocked the view of the shopping center, making it more visible. A second entrance was added on the north end making it much easier for customers to get in and out.

And now, with two new tenants that have just moved in, the plaza seems to be filled.. A second entrance has been added, visibility improved and better signage incorporated.

OBX Frozen Yogurt

OBX Frozen Yogurt, used to be across US 158 next to the Harris Teeter. 

When Jeff Schwartzenberg purchased the business, he knew he needed more space and felt Southern Shores Crossing, with its two upscale restaurants and Southern Shores Pizza, would be a better location.

Yogurt is a given—since that’s what the business is all about, but he’s also planning on expanding product offerings in candy and drinks.

OBX Escape Room

One of the latest crazes in entertainment are themed rooms where the only way out is to answer clues. 

There are a number of different types of Escape Rooms, as they are called, and the trend is now on the Outer Banks with the opening of OBX Escape Room.

According to owners Christina and Ray Jamieson there will be four themed rooms for customer selection: Mutiny on the Lark, Murder of Dawn Renee, the Raptor Room and Sleeper Cell.