Spectacular firework diplay welcomes in 2019 in Manteo.

The street in front of the old Dare County Courthouse was filled with the squeals of excitement of a 100 or so little children waiting for the ball to drop. It was 8:30 and that the ball was scheduled to be lit and fall but, well, there seemed to be a bit of a delay.

It didn’t seem to matter to the kids though and when the ball finally did drop the cheer was loud and happy.

Setting the stage for the 2nd Annual Manteo New Year’s Ever Celebration.

It would be hard to imagine two different evening between last year and this year. this year, the weather was as close to ideal as could be. Last year? Well, most of us who were there thawed out by mid June.

One of the things that makes the Outer Banks so special is how public events like the Manteo New Year’s Eve celebration try to create something the whole family can enjoy. 

The music from the Original Rhondels was perfect—a combination of their classic beach music sound with a couple of more modern tunes thrown in. They got high marks last year for just powering through the snow flurries and freezing temperatures. This year, though, when they weren’t wearing four layers of clothing, they did sound better.

The highlight of the evening had to be welcoming in 2019 with a wonderful fireworks display. Last year the wind was too strong to set off fireworks. This year, everything was right and what the New Year revelers got was a wonderful light show and a spectacular way to greet the new year.