Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in the snow. From Outer Banks NC Local Artist Page

Well . . . we’ve had some more snow on the Outer Banks. It’s kind of strange, because what is typically a rare event, and, especially for the kids, wonderful, is suddenly not so rare this year. Or, frankly, wonderful at this point.
The problem is we’re not prepared for it. Take any other weather event imaginable–nor’easters, hurricanes, tornadoes, drought–you name it, we have a plan for it. Except for snow. 
One 2” snowfall per year? Life comes to a pleasant standstill for a day. Three or four measurable snow events in the past three or four weeks? That’s a problem. It’s so rare there’s no snow removal equipment here, very little salt or anything else to treat the roads. 
The one or two inches that did fall today should be gone by noon tomorrow–the Outer Banks are as coastal North Carolina as you can get, and the weather very rarely stays cold for long. Forecasts are calling for temperatures to get back into the 50s by the weekend.

Hopefully, this is the last of this year’s Outer Banks snowfall. Not that we are wishing more snow on our friends to the north–they’ve had more than their share this year. But at least they have snowplows . . . even if they are overworked.