Lots of beer, abundant sunshine and great music—that pretty much sums up today’s OBX Brewfest.

A clarification about the beer—it wasn’t just a lot of beer . . . it was a lot of really good beer. The count was 55 micro-brews on hand, and just about all of them had two or three beers on tap.

Held at the Nags Head Soundside Event Site, there was a pretty good breeze blowing off the sound. A couple of the vendors had trouble with their tents, but for everyone attending the event, the wind kept things comfortable.

About the beer—there is no way to even begin to say what the best was or is. There were just too many; and it’s all a matter of taste. Some people like the snap of hops on the end of a good IPA or Stout; others like a nice smooth easy drinking beer.

The most innovative use of beer—that we can speak to. Crystal Swain of Zen Pops has been turning out her all natural popsicles for a few years now and they are great! She teamed up with Coastal Provisions for her latest creation—a Chocolate Stout popsicle. Full rich chocolate flavor they a slight bite of the hops in the stout comes in at the end. Wonderful.

The music may have been the highlight, which is hard to do with so much  beer on hand. The last two groups in particular were amazing.

Keller and the Keels are kind of bluegrass, but that’s really unfair to Keller and the Keels and bluegrass. Imagine Pink Floyd’s “Brick in the Wall” being played with guitar, mandola (that’s an instrument like a mandolin, only it plays a little bit lower) and a great bass player. The instruments are bluegrass—the sound something else.

Soja is rock, jazz, reggae and probably some Latin and hiphop thrown in for good measure. Amazing full sound, horns, sax, percussion section—worth checking out under any circumstances.