Outer Banks Seafood Festival

With the Outer Banks Seafood Festival and Mustang Rock & Roast this weekend on the Outer Banks it’s truly a case of so much to do and so little time.

One way to look at this is the Seafood Festival is a one day affair, Saturday only. Rock & Roast is a Saturday and Sunday event, so it is possible to do both. Although, the weather on Sunday is looking very iffy.

The Seafood Festival at the Event Site in Nags Head is an amazing event. Twelve local restaurants serving only freshly prepared local seafood is the highlight. OK…they usually have some desserts as well, but mostly it’s seafood.

There’s beer and wine for adult as well as plenty for kids to do. It is a very family friendly event. Bring the kids!

Seafood Festival Music

The music is also an important part of the Festival. The headliner is Celeste Kellogg, with her long list of country hits and sounds. As good as she is, and she’s really good, don’t miss local blues artist Mojo Collins and his band Triple Vision.

Mojo will take the stage at 4:00 just before Celeste and he is a real treat to watch.

The dilemma is how to check out the Seafood Festival and still get up to Mustang Rock & Roast in Corolla. There is going to be some great music and great food there as well.

Rock & Roast is a two day music and food festival. The Rock is fresh all you can eat oysters. The Roast is North Carolina barbecue. It’s barbecue Saturday and oysters Sunday. And music, music, music all day both days.

Saturday, tomorrow is looking great. Sunday? Who knows.

Tropical Storm Nestor is forecast to move over the area from the Gulf of Mexico Sunday. The current track takes the storm about 100 miles south of Corolla, but the wind and rain field in the storm appear to be fairly wide right now. We probably won’t know until we wake up on Sunday what the day is going to be like.

So much to do a on the Outer Banks. Stay with us at Brindley Beach Vacations for a week or two and find out what life on a sandbar is really all about.