We’ll admit that life on the Outer Banks slows down in the winter. It doesn’t come to a complete halt, but many businesses close earlier and some of our restaurants in particular head off on their own vacations in January and February. Nonetheless, there are still quite a few places to get a bite to eat or a late night drink. Here are a few of them.

For late night entertainment on the weekends, check out either Trio or Ocean Boulevard, both located in Kitty Hawk. Trio has a great wine selection and some very, very good sandwiches. Ocean Boulevard, along with having some of the best local talent playing on Friday evenings, is perfect for a special night out.

Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern is never closed except for Christmas. The food is good, the drinks always seem to flow in the bar and there is live music on weekends.

Mama Kwan’s in Kill Devil Hills serves a very tasty lunch and dinner menu. A new place that just opened immediately to the south of Mama Kwan’s is Ladles. Serving homemade soups at reasonable prices, it’s worth a visit.

Blue Point in Duck is open Tuesday through Sunday during the winter. That’s another great place for a romantic dinner with someone special.

It does appear as though every pizza place and Chinese restaurant on the Outer Banks is staying open year round. The Thai Room—which is Thai food and not Chinese—does close in January and February.

This is really partial list, so if there is a favorite eatery that is not mentioned, don’t give up hope . . . just give them a call.