Weather Underground 3:00 p.m. radar, January 28.
After a three day vacation, Old Man Winter has come back with a vengeance to the Outer Banks. It was a wonderful weekend, the temperatures actually got up to 60 yesterday, but wow(!) are we paying for it today. Howling wind off the ocean, temperatures in the upper 20s and it’s looking like 8”-10” of snow with a little bit of sleet thrown in.
At least it will be pretty.
Although we’re having some fun with this, there is another side to the weather we’re experiencing this year, and it’s something property owners especially need to keep in mind.  Even homes that have been winterized still have to be heated, usually around 55 degrees. When it’s this cold and the wind is blowing from the north and northeast, heat pumps are going to be running to maintain that temperature. 
This is a reminder for our Brindley Beach property owners–be ready for that power bill; this January cold will come back for you as a reminder on your February bill.


Thankfully, weather this cold on the Outer Banks is very rare. We’ve checked records back 10 years and have not been able to find a January that has been this consistently cold.