Things are looking great this summer on the Outer Banks. We are filling up the summer with happy guests, early indications are the weather is going to cooperate and the beach is looking better than ever.

The beach, of course, is the reason everyone comes here, and we’ll be the first to admit that there is nothing quite as relaxing as warm sunshine, soft sand and the ocean water at just the right temperature. People keep coming back, however, because there is so much more to do than just sit by the Atlantic Ocean and read a book.

Some of those special other things to do may take extra planning. The entire list of Outer Banks things to do would take a small book just to list, so we’ll start the list on three activities that you can’t do anywhere else.

If there is one thing the Outer Banks is noted for, it is the world’s first flight of a powered aircraft by the  Wright Brother’s. Located in Kill Devil Hills, the Wright Brothers National Memorial is located on the site of that flight. The Memorial includes a monument at the top of Kill Devil Hill (worth the climb for the view of the Outer Banks), markers indicating the length of each of their flights on December 17, 1903 and a museum. 

The museum includes an exact replica of the Wright Flyer (the original is in the Smithsonian) and displays of the tools and notes of the brothers. There is also an interpretive discussion of the first flight geared toward children, but the presentation is excellent and adults will find much of the information fascinating.  (, 252-441-7430 )

The play, “The Lost Colony”, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this summer. Telling the story of the first English colonists in the New World, production values are excellent, the acting first rate and the overall presentation very professional. Located on Roanoke Island, it’s a great night out. It’s outdoor theatre so cool clothing and bug repellant is useful. (, 252-473-2127 )

It would be impossible to imagine a better place to learn to hang glide than Jockeys Ridge, a massive sand dune in Nags Head. Kitty Hawk Kites is certainly the oldest–and probably the largest–hang gliding school in the world. It does take a degree of physical awareness, but when your feet leave the ground and you realize you’re actually flying (ok, maybe it’s only a foot off the ground) the thrill is hard to imagine. (, 1-877-359-8447 )

There are quite literally 100s of other things to do on the Outer Banks, so when it’s time to get your eyes out of your book and your feet out of the sand, take a look around and see what else the Outer Banks has to offer.