That was a heck of a Super Bowl game. Record comeback, overtime victory…instant classic.

The Outer Banks is pretty much like every where else in the United States—Super Bowl Sunday has become an almost national holiday. No one has actually declared it a national holiday, but things certainly grind to a halt, especially starting about an hour or two before game time.

It’s hard to say just exactly where the local mindset was on who to root for. An informal survey based on the wild cheering at a local sports bar when Atlanta ran the score up in the first half would seem to indicate a partiality toward the Falcons.

Of course that’s a pretty unscientific survey, but the cheering did seem pretty one sided.

About halfway through the third quarter everyone started to leave, thinking, no doubt, that Atlanta had the game will in hand. With the crowd thinned out, there was no way to accurately gauge the cheers—or boos—as New England came storming back.

Interesting that even in the winter some of our Outer Banks visitors were still on hand, couples from Pittsburg, a smattering from Hampton Roads. Overall, it made for a great winter evening…maybe the Patriots were the bad guys but it was a classic game and everyone watching it a great way to spend a few hours.