Outer Banks legend and recipient of the NC Arts Council Fellowship in Music for Songwriting Mojo Collins will be performing at Ocean Boulevard this Friday.
Christmas week on the Outer Banks is like a little blast of summer at the winter solstice, Not in terms of weather because–to paraphrase the song–”baby it’s chilly outside .  . .” What this week represents is a time for homeowners and some guests to spend a week at the beach–a chance to recall some of the things that are best about life.
The surfing has been ok this season–not great, just ok. Same can be said for all of our windsports. But a trip to the Outer Banks is really about rejuvenating the spirit, even more than any specific activity–and in that, there’s still no place better.
Of course, with so many people coming to town, the entertainment scene really picks up for about a week and there are some great shows to check out.
This Friday (12/21) Mojo Collins will be at Ocean Boulevard in Kitty Hawk. A little bit blues, a little bit funky and a true legend, he is a recipient of the NC Arts Council Fellowship in Music for Songwriting, Collins is one act truly worth seeing. 
The following Friday Zack Mexico will be at Ocean Boulevard–sort of bookends of experience–Zack Mexico is up and coming and Collins played with just about every world famous musician in the 1970s and 80s.
Trio–a great little wine bar in Kitty Hawk has live music just about every night and always on Fridays. Aqua Restaurant in Duck has live music every Friday, wine tasting and BC Powder will be performing on Saturday 12/28.


So–kick back, relax and enjoy Christmas with family, then check out what’s happening on the Outer Banks.