Grants from the Community Foundation kept kids connected to their teachers.

Grants from the Community Foundation kept kids connected to their teachers.

Sometimes in the midst of troubles, it’s important to remember our better angels. The side of us that is generous and compassionate.

On the Outer Banks, there is perhaps no better example of that than the Outer Banks Community Foundation.

Founded in 1982 by, among others, Andy Griffith and David Stick, the foundation has become the major source for nonprofit funding for a number of Outer Banks organizations.

And this past year it was never more important, and the Community Foundation answered the need with a roar not a whimper.

They just announced that for 2020 more than $1.8 million in grants and scholarships were awarded. Included in that figure was $180,000 in scholarships to local high schools students.

Where did the Community Foundation Grants Go

Perhaps the largest impact though, were the $300,000 in COVID Rapid Response Grants that went to local food banks, shelters for for families and individuals that needed a place to stay.

The past year was not the first time the Community Foundation awarded rapid response grants. When Hurricane Dorian devastated Hatteras and especially Ocracoke, through the leadership of Executive Director Lorelei Costa, emergency funds were granted to the communities within weeks.

But the organization means so much more to the local community than the scholarships and emergency funds they provide.

The foundation is also one of the most important supporters of the arts, providing grants to local nonprofits such as the Dare County Arts Council and the Bryan Cultural Series.

One of the most effective grants, wasn’t the largest, although the impact has been huge. Funds were provided to the Dare County Arts Council to purchase high quality film and sound equipment. Because of that, performers have been able to continue to reach out to an audience through YouTube, Facebook and other resources. Not quite as good as being there in person, but the best that can be don right now.

The Outer Banks community is a remarkable collection of talented, compassionate and friendly people. We would love to have you spend some time learning about our community in a Brindley Beach Vacations home.