SUP surfer catching a wave and yes, those are dolphin behind him.

It’s been a nasty day on the Outer Banks today, but relief is on the way. . . really quickly, actually, with the next couple of days looking great.
It was a good day yesterday. Some SUP boarders were playing in the surf in Kitty Hawk yesterday at the same time a pod of dolphin went by. Got a few good rides from the waves and it looks like the same conditions should be retuning tomorrow–although the dolphin are probably gone.
Fishermen . . . and women . . . the piers are reporting good runs of puppy drum–at least before today when 25-30 mph winds took the fun out of surf fishing. All forecasts are calling for a return to mild temps and calmer seas tomorrow so expect to see some ,pre good landings of puppy drum. 
We’re getting into striper season so we may see some rockfish showing up soon. Make sure you know the regulations about them–there have been a fair number of rules put in to effect to protect the populations, which are coming back.

Things really slow down for a spell after the New Year on the Outer Banks, but for a couple looking for a quiet getaway, there’s not a better time to visit.