Chateau E’lan in Pine Island can accommodate up to 125 guests.

The Outer Banks Wedding Association Expo is next weekend at the First Flight High School and Middle School in Kill Devil Hills. We’ll probably mention it again, maybe even do some reporting from the event itself, because weddings have become such an important part of the Outer Banks property management scene.
Actually, it’s not just weddings anymore. The market has evolved and moved toward event planning and marketing–a much more sustainable way to view that segment of Outer Banks visitation.
Property owners especially, need to be aware of this shift to marketing of large group events. Weddings continue to be a very large part of this–certainly the largest part–but they are no means the only part. Family gatherings and business meetings are becoming increasingly important to this business model.
Here at Brindley Beach Vacations we have a number of event homes in our inventory–Chateau E’lan in Pine Island can handle up to 125 guests, as an example. But whether or not a property is in our event home category, property owners need to be aware of this segment of the Outer Banks picture. Chateau E’lan can handle up to 125 guests, but not all 125 guests are staying at the site.


To take advantage of the potential event market, a property owner of a typical home with five, six or seven bedrooms may wish to include a line in their marketing that reads, “ Convenient to Outer Banks event sites.”