We haven’t gotten a confirmed date yet, but the grand opening of the Publix store in Kill Devil Hills cannot be far off.

All the signs are there. Probably the most significant, other than how far along the construction is, was the job fair earlier this month at the Hilton Garden Inn in Kitty Hawk.

Located next to Lowes, the store will be 45,000 square feet, a fairly typical size for a Publix, although a little larger than the average US supermarket.

According to Publix they will be hiring a workforce of about 140 workers.

One of the ten largest grocery chains in the nation, it is somewhat unique in the grocery story world as an employee owned business. Considered an upscale grocery store, Publix has built an enviable reputation for outstanding customer service. 

The Kill Devil Hills store is part of an announced corporate strategy of expansion in North Carolina.

The Publix opening, though is just one part of what looks to be an Outer Banks grocery war. 

When Mike Kelly closed his iconic Outer Banks Tavern he sold the property to Lidl, a German based discount supermarket chain.

Lidl stores feature discount pricing and are about half the size of a typical Publix.

No word yet when, or even if, the store will be going in, since everything is still preliminary.

When Publix opens, it will bring the number of supermarkets on the northern Outer Banks to 12, 13 if the Food-a-Rama in Manteo is included.