The problem with Valentine’s Day is that it comes and goes, but romance is a year ‘round adventure–or hopefully it is. Here at Brindley Beach Vacations we’re always talking about what a great place for your family vacation the Outer Banks is, and we sure hope you keep that in mind.
However, the Outer Banks is much more than that. There may not be a better place anywhere for a romantic long weekend–and the off-season and shoulder season is the perfect time to take a quick trip to with that special someone and discover a side to the Outer Banks that can sometimes be missed in the summer rush.
Things slow down at this time of the year . . . they don’t stop, but life is certainly lived at a more leisurely pace.  That makes it the perfect time to discover the hidden Outer Banks  . . . a perfect time to walk along a mostly deserted beach . . . a great opportunity to try that restaurant that was just a little too busy last time you were here . . . or to explore the natural–and surprising–wonders of the sound side of theses barrier islands.
The Outer Banks are just remote enough, just far enough removed from the rush of daily life, that a visit here truly does renew the spirit. But, we’re close enough to so many major cities that we are rarely more than a day’s drive away.
If you do decide to visit us in the winter or early spring, be aware that each area of the Outer Banks is a little bit different. Corolla has really slowed down, and if you’re hoping for time for just the two of you with few distractions, it’s a great place to go. 
Duck and Southern Shores, on the other hand, are a little closer to the main towns of the Outer Banks and have a little more activity and a certainly more to do. 
No matter where you go, though, you’ll find the folks who live here have a little more time to talk, a little more time to ask how things are going and a little more time to get to know you.
Here at Brindley Beach Vacations we would love to have you spend a week with us at this time of the year, but we do have partial week rentals available–which is a great way to discover the Outer Banks if you have never been here, or wonderful chance to replenish the spirit and remind yourself why that special someone is so special.
Give us a call at (252) 453-3335 or on line at Brindley Beach. Let’s work together to create an Outer Banks romantic adventure.