Lined up for fresh North Carolina seafod at the 2018 Outer Banks Seafood Festival.

Now that the 7th Annual Outer Banks Seafood Festival is behind us we can say emphatically that a good time wins out over a bit of rain—at least on the Outer Banks.

The food, of course, is the main attraction at the Festival, and with 11 restaurants on hand, usually serving more than one seafood dish, trying everything doesn’t seem possible. But what we did try was excellent.

Favorite dish? That’s a tough call. There were some excellent chowders and stews that seemed perfect for a rainy day…even if it wasn’t really all that rainy. There were so very good dips, too. 

Personal favorite though goes to the Yellowfin Tuna Bites with Asian Sauce that Basnight’s Lone Cedar Cafe was serving. Obviously fresh, perfectly seasoned and the Asian dipping sauce matched the tuna perfectly.

That, of course, does not mean others might feel differently…which they certainly will.

The fresh North Carolina seafood certainly takes center stage, but the festival itself is really a celebration—a celebration of a way of life, and a celebration of history.

There have been fishermen working the waters of the Outer Banks since the first European settlers arrive. Actually, given the descriptions of the Native Americans who greeted the first English ships in 1585, the locals were working the nearshore waters even earlier than that.

Beyond, though, the celebration of the working watermen, the Seafood Festival is great time with wonderful live music—kind of a trip back to the 1960s-1980s this year—some great crafts, jewelry and art and the local microbrews and Sanctuary Vineyards were on hand.

Maybe that’s what makes the day so special—the celebration of the culture and history of the local watermen becomes finally a wonderful day to recognized how special the Outer Banks is. Click here and check out some of our wonderful villa rentals in Outer Banks!