Surfing for Autism-a great event and a great cause.

The Outer Banks has a justifiable reputation for some of the best surf conditions on the East Coast. So it’s no wonder it has become one of the go to places for surfers.

Where’s there’s surfers there are sure to be some great events, and we have three of them coming up in the four or five weeks.

Two of them are competitions, but one of the is one of those feel good things that people do that remind all of us how good it is to reach out to others.

Surfing for Autism is this coming weekend at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head. Pairing the surfing community with autistic children the event has become an August highlight for the local surfing community. Parents from as far away as Elizabeth City bring their kids to the beach and let them experience something wonderful.

The day is magic, and leaving it’s never clear who gets the most out of it—the kids, the volunteers or the parents.

At the end of the month, August 29 to September 3 the WRV Outer Banks Pro Surf Contest comes to the beach next to Jennette’s Pier. We’re never sure what the weather and waves are going to be for the event, but there is always action.

Later in September, 16 – 22, the best of the amateur surfing world comes to the Outer Banks as the ESA (Eastern Surf Association) finals are held at Jennette’s Pier. 

The ESAs are an all-encompassing surf sport event. Surfers from 10 to 80 compete—in their age group, of course. But there are also boogie board and skim board competitions. Yes, it’s amateur, but the skill level is remarkably high. In the adult classes, many are former pro surfers; for the kids—quite a number are on the cusp of turning pro.

What really seems to make the ESAs stand out though, is how much fun everyone seems to have and how it truly demonstrates surfing as a language that crosses all age barriers.