Colonial Spanish Mustangs on the Carova beach. One of the Outer Banks features Southern Living liked.

Southern Living certainly got this one right—the Outer Banks tops their Best Island list for 2017.

Ok…they got it mostly right. We won’t tell them the northern Outer Banks is not an island and is connected to Virginia at Sandbridge. Because they certainly hit the nail on the head with everything else.

Here’s what the editors liked. They really liked that the Outer Banks is family-friendly, mentioning that a couple of times.

The natural beauty was important to them, and what seemed to be particularly significant is how diverse the environment is. 

And then there’s the history that seems to surround us. There’s the Wright Brothers Memorial and Fort Raleigh. The editors put a little extra time into talking about the Colonial Spanish Mustangs in Carova, noting that they have been roaming the beaches for at least 500 years.

They also liked what the Outer Banks doesn’t have; although there is commercial development, it favors smaller mom and pop businesses, something Southern Living clearly enjoyed. They also enjoyed the custom feature of create your own topping at Duck Donuts.

So—Southern Living…a little bit off on the island description, but they get a full pass because they got everything else right.