About a month ago, here at Brindley Beach we wrote about how strong the spring had been on the Outer Banks. We pointed out that an abysmal winter largely caused by one of the harshest winters in years in the Northeast, had been overcome by excellent April and May visitation number.

At the time, we cautioned, though, that June could be a difficult month for our property owners because schools in the Northeast were getting out so late—a direct result of snow days.

Well—it appears as though we were wrong . . . if not completely wrong at least mostly wrong . . . which in this case is fine with us.

Dare County showed am increase in visitation revenue although two areas of concern were Duck and Southern Shores, towns that are geared almost exclusively to family vacations. It is possible that the “snow day” effect was in play in those places.

Currituck County is much slower than Dare County in reporting their visitation numbers. However, collection on retail sales in Currituck were very strong for the month of June, up 7.6% and generally retail sales parallel visitation revenue.

Take that number with a grain of salt though. Currituck County extends to the Virginia state line with a large part of it on the mainland. Although most of the revenue generated in the county comes from tourism, there are no reports that indicate what portion of the 7.6% comes from the Corolla area and what is from the mainland.