Get ready for a record setting summer as early gross occupancy  report suggest best summer ever.

Get ready for a record setting summer as early gross occupancy report suggest best summer ever.

It’s not your imagination, or ours. For our regular visitors and residents who have come to know the patterns of life on the Outer Banks, our world has turned upside down.

We have never…never, had so many visitors at this time of the year. Not even close, and the numbers bear that out.

For the months of January and February 2021 compared to 2020 occupancy in Dare County—that’s Duck south to Hatteras Village—was up 162% according to the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau who keeps track of that information.

There is quite a bit in the numbers that is astonishing.

The sheer volume is shocking—January and February are typically the slowest months of the year, yet in 2021 the occupancy number are typical of a robust October.

And the strong occupancy is in every town and village of the Outer Banks.

Particularly encouraging is food and beverage is up almost 8% for the two months. In January and February they were still limited to 50% capacity, so showing any kind of a gain, especially after a very difficult 2020 is great news.

A Bit More About the Gross Occupancy Report

We always include a disclaimer about the the OBVB Gross Occupancy Report. It is based on collections, not how many people are renting properties. Nonetheless, numbers this powerful—and how busy Outer Banks roads are—leave no doubt that we’re witnessing a phenomenon we have never seen before.

The OBVB reports do not include Corolla—that’s Currituck County and they’re slower in reporting figures.

The OBVB reports parallel the continuing strength in the real estate market. The March MLS report for the Outer Banks just came out and the record setting trend of the past six months is continuing. In their analysis of the Outer Banks market, the Outer Banks Association of Realtors, wrote, “We are in a HOT sellers market.”

Something that is important to add to this. Brindley Beach Vacations expects 100% occupancy this summer. not 99.8%, but 100% through August. Don’t wait…make your reservation today.