2018 was an amazing year on the Outer Banks. There was joy, some sadness and quite a bit happened that told how dynamic and strong the local economy has become. 

We went back over our Brindley Beach Vacations blogs for the year and picked out ten we felt help tell our story.

1. Village Table and Tavern

It seemed like it took for ever for the new bar and restaurant in Duck to open, but it was worth the wait.

At long last Village Table and Tavern in Duck is open. Brought to the Outer Banks by the same people who opened Trio Wine Beer & Cheese in Kitty Hawk seven years ago, this newest venture is a real step up.

2. Glenn Eure

The impact Glenn Eure had, and still has even after his passing, on the Outer Banks is extraordinary. This blog tell the story of the literary open mic he and his wife, Pat. sponsor every month.

Instead of the usually free ranging subjects of the readers, tonight—Thursday—it was all about Glenn and how he had touched people.

What emerged were stories that were touching, sometimes sad, but mostly filled with the joy that Glenn showed in his everyday life.

3. Winks Closing

A swan song for an icon.

Through hurricanes, nor’easters, scorching summer days, freezing winter temperatures, it never closed. Even after Hurricane Sandy pushed two feet of water into the store, it opened the next day.

But after 65 years maybe it is time to retire and Thanksgiving Weekend will be the curtain call for this icon of the Beach Road in Kitty Hawk.

4. Publix Opens in Kill Devil Hills

We wrote this blog a little before the February 28 opening of the store.

We haven’t gotten a confirmed date yet, but the grand opening of the Publix store in Kill Devil Hills cannot be far off.

Located next to Lowes, the store will be 45,000 square feet, a fairly typical size for a Publix, although a little larger than the average US supermarket.

5. Record Tuna

How can this not be one of the most important events of the past year on the Outer Banks?

It took a while for it to be confirmed, but North Carolina has a new state record for a bluefin tuna. Weighing in at 877 pounds, the catch was landed by retired Army General Scott Chambers, of Townsend, Del back on St. Patrick’s Day.

It was an Outer Banks catch—Capt. Dennis Endee’s A-Salt Weapon docked at Pirate’s Cove on Roanoke Island took the general out. 

6. Food Truck Showdown 

Food trucks seem to be a phenomenon that is sweeping the nation and it has come to the Outer Banks as well.

Looking at the weather report, the first annual Outer Banks Food Truck Showdown looked a bit doubtful, but the thunder and lightning held off, and the occasional light rain didn’t seem to stop anyone.

7. Beach Nourishment recognized

The beaches are still holding and they have taken a beating recently. 

It’s always nice to be recognized and we just found out that the multi-town beach nourishment project the Dare County tackled last year has been recognized by the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association as one of the nation’s best restored beaches.

8. Tropical Storm Michael

We offer Tropical Storm Michael as proof of who effective beach nourishment can be. Mostly a soundside storm though. Hurricane Florence, had a minimal impact on the Outer Banks. The storm vented its fury well to the south of us.

Mother Nature threw us a curve last night…

The rain was pretty much as expected, but beginning about 11:00 p.m. the winds really started kick up from the southwest and those strong winds began pushing the waters of the sound to this little strip of sand.

9. Snowstorms

This was a rare event, worth noting.

A random snowfall will sneak into our coverage, but two snowfalls within a two week period? Unheard of! Unprecedented!

But it happened. And not just a little bit of snow this time.

10. Suzanne Tate Nature Series 39 Books

It’s always good to go out on a high note, and what Suzanne Tate and James Melvin have managed to accomplish over the years is remarkable.

For 30 years Suzanne Tate and James Melvin have had an extraordinary partnership—Suzanne the author for the Suzanne Tate Nature Series and James the artist.

The duo will also be introducing the 39th book of the children’s series—Merri-lee Monarch, a Tale of a Big Trip.

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