If there was a better beach day than we had yesterday it would be hard to imagine. The air temperature was in the low 80s, nice breeze from the south. Yes, the ocean temperature hasn’t climbed out of the low 60s yet, but that didn’t stop the kids or certain blog writer from jumping in. 

It felt great.

For anyone in the vicinity of Kitty Hawk there is only one way to celebrate the first true beach day of the summer and that’s with a milkshake from John’s Drive-in, because they have the real deal milkshakes. Nothing prepackaged, pre-mixed, pre-anything—hard ice cream, milk, syrup and malt for a little bit more . . . or peanut butter. 

Belly busting, diet killing, high calorie . . . who cares. Summer is officially here, and if there is a better milkshake anywhere, it’s well hidden.

A word to the wise about John’s for anyone who hasn’t gone there before. There can be a considerable wait after placing your order; there’s not a lot of room in the kitchen to move around and they’re usually working on ten or twelve orders at a time. Be patient—it’s worth it.

And for anyone who has worked up a good appetite at the beach . . . the dolphin boats are amazing and the burgers and fries are greasy magnificence.

It’s all part of a great day at the beach.