The inevitable has come to pass—starting this weekend a permit will be required to park on the beach in Carova.

Carova is the 4WD area north of where the Corolla paved road ends. There are two permits that will be issued:  

Seasonal Permit Cost: $150

10 Day Permit Coast: $50— This is the permit most visitors who will be parking and using the Carova beach will need. It is a day use permit for visitors who are not staying in the Carova.

Permits are available at:

Currituck Outer Banks Welcome Center

106 Caratoke Highway

Moyock, North Carolina


Corolla Visitor’s Center

500 Hunt Club Drive

Corolla, North Carolina 


Or email:

Some really important information:
  1. This applies only to Carova—the area north of Corolla. No permits are needed to use any other Corolla area beach.
  2. The permit only applies to vehicles that will be parked on the beach. A family driving along the beach hoping to see the Corolla Wild Horses will not need a permit. However, if that family, parks their vehicle, gets out and to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, a permit is required.
  3. Some people will get a free permit. Residents and property owners in the Carova area will given two guest permits. Unlike the other beach permits, these are not tied to a vehicle allowing visitors who are staying in Carova access to the beach. County Residents and property owners will also get free permits. Those permits are for the vehicle.

The permit requirement will extend through Labor Day.

The beach has become the highway to everything north of the North Beach Access Gate, and things have gotten pretty busy—probably too busy at times.

County commissioners are hoping issuing the permits will help them gain some control over a state of affairs that they feel is spiraling out of control. County officials have stressed this is the first year for the program; there may be some hiccups along the way, but they are confident it will work in the long run.